Featured Etsian - Sharon Adams

I ran across Sharon in a NaughtyXNature BNR and found her to be so vibrant and fun that I knew I wanted to feature her on my blog.  Sharon has been a member of Etsy since October of this year and has a cool little shop called Littlegabeadshop.  She sells jewelry supplies and findings and is doing a really great job of it!  Her shop has garnered over 100 sales in a short while and she is active in the NaughtyXNature BNR/BNS Team.  She was just recently made a Team Leader there and is doing a great job!

                           Fire Orange Ceramic Beads 8mm          

Red Murano Lampwork Beads, 

Fit European Charm Bracelets, Pandora Style

                       Tibet Silver Flower Charms 18.5x8.5mm

               Large Green and Pink Flower Cabochon/Bead

          Pink Wood Beads 10mm Basketball Wives

Earring Beads

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