My Grandchildren

Mike and Shannon at the Texas State Finals

Weston in Shawnee, Oklahoma
Weston in Shawnee, Oklahoma

My grandchildren hold such a special place in my heart that sometimes I don't think there would be room for anyone else.  I thought that with my first grandchild Alexis Nicole McPherson (Lexi) but when Blake Sullivan was born I was almost surprised at the capacity of my heart.  Then came Colton Dale McPherson five months later and my heart expanded even more. Then came Weston Don Sullivan and I knew from then on that no matter how many grandchildren were born to me I would simply keep growing more hearts!  This page is for them.  A shrine to the keepers of my heart.  Let me introduce you to them!
Lexi 2012 Senior Pixcture

Weston and PRO Bullrider J.L. Jenkins in Shawnee,Oklahoma
2012 National Junior Bullrider's Championship

Alexis McPherson Senior Picture

Weston at the National Junior Bullrider's Championship

Blake Sullivan
9 years old
Such a loving heart!

Weston Sullivan
Such a sweet heart.
5 Years Old
Just Competed in the National Junior Bull Riders Competition
In Shawnee, Okla

Let's Play!

They scare me!

Colton McPherson 9 Years old.
Such a strong heart!

Alexis "Lexi" McPherson 18 Years old.
Such a pure heart.

Scrubbed pink, it's bedtime at Mimi's house!


Summertime fun!

Now what do I do?

Mimi, Blake and Weston on St. Patricks Day!

Weston and friend at their Rodeo.  Weston won 3rd place
on 6-23-12

It's a long walk back to the chutes after you eat dirt!